Funds Raised

My Choices Foundation aims to give women and girls the choice to live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

We act through two operations; Operation Peace Maker and Operation Red Alert, which aim to end two of the most serious and pervasive human rights abuses against women and girls; Domestic Violence and Sex trafficking. 

Operation PeaceMaker was founded in early 2012 directly addressing shocking statistics that close to 50 percent of married women suffer domestic violence. It’s a grassroots initiative that provides 100 percent free counselling, rights education and legal aid to victims of domestic violence. We train local women, called Peacemakers, to work in their communities and meet the challenges of domestic violence in a way that does not disrupt family, culture and religion.

Operation Red Alert addresses the horrific statistics that India is home to over 14 million of the world's 27-30 million slaves, with around 80 percent of these victims being sold into forced sexual exploitation. The average age of an Indian girl trapped into a life of sexual slavery is now only 12 years old! Only 1 percent of these girls will ever get rescued - which is why Operation Red Alert’s main focus is on prevention and why have launched India’s first national anti-sex trafficking helpline.

Our Mission

My Choices Foundation aims to give women, children and families choices to live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation. 

We aim to see the transformation of India into a safe, peaceful, and encouraging place for women and girls by empowering women and girls with the awareness, education, and support they need to become their own change agents.

We do this by:

  • By empowering women and girls to become change agents in their own families and communities.
  • By educating at risk women and girls, families and communities.
  • By providing free, grassroots support to victims and their families.

Our Values

We believe that a better world is often just one choice away.

We believe:

  • In the beauty, value and capability of every woman and girl.
  • In the ability in each person to overcome barriers to good, and make good choices.
  • That mindsets can be changed, cycles can be broken, and lives can be restored.
  • That when we change together, we win together. Men are at least 50% of the solution to ending violence against and exploitation of women. A world that respects women and girls is one where both men and women thrive.
  • In the power of change triggered from within individuals, families and society to transform India.

We Care:

  • About ending abuse and exploitation of women and girls.
  • About men and boys, championing them and including them in solutions.
  • About empowering women and families to catalyze change in their communities.

We Prize:

  • Building partnerships and coalition efforts.
  • Being on the forefront of research and innovative thinking on the issues at hand.
  • Providing robust data on efficacy of our work.
  • Taking necessary risks to do the most challenging work.

Our Journey

My Choices Foundation began in early 2012 as “My Choices”, a Hyderabad based NGO providing free, grassroots services to victims of domestic violence and their families. The vision of bringing an end to domestic violence by harnessing the power of local women to become agents of change in their own communities was the driving force that led to the birth and subsequent exponential growth of My Choices..

Since then, it has grown not only in its vision to address domestic violence through counselling and legal aid, but also to include the mission to eliminate sex trafficking in India by 2025. Red Alert was founded in early 2014, with the vision to prevent trafficking of young girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation. After an 18 month research, ground-building and training phase, Red Alert launched programs in October 2015.

In October 2015 My Choices and Red Alert, hitherto operating as two separate NGOs, officially became the two operations of My Choices Foundation.  The two entities changed logos and names becoming Operation PeaceMaker and Operation Red Alert of My Choices Foundation, but remained doing the same, impactful work.

My Choices Foundation is committed to using the most innovative methods to end domestic violence and prevent sex trafficking in India.